Meet your trainers


Joanna Graham-Wigan

Joanna is an incredible Trainer. She has worked all over the world as a CELTA/DELTA Trainer and we feel very fortunate to have her working at IH Montañita. Joanna´s experience enables her to bring the best out of all our Trainees, helping them move on to perform at the highest level. Joanna will be there to support you in the most practical way and she will point you in the direction of how to grow into a great teacher. Trainees thank her for the clarity of her input sessions and the way that she gets the best results from them in the classroom.

Daria Koronkevich

Daria is an unbelievable Trainer to have working on your CELTA. She gives so much time and has apparently bottomless reserves of patience and kindness. Daria´s experience working at IH Moscow and here at IH Montañita gives her great insight into the learner´s experience. Trainees are grateful for the way that Daria supports their development and helps them get to the next level.

Nicoleen Janneker

Nicoleen is joining us from IH Mexico and brings a huge amount of experience of Teacher Training. Nicoleen is working on 4 courses with IH Montañita as well as helping to develop professional development for teachers at IH Guayaquil. She will be a fantastic resource for Trainees on the CELTA at IH Montañita bringing a wide degree of knowledge and understanding to her input sessions and a very clear vision regarding how to support you as you assimilate this information and introduce it into your own classes.

Daniel Miller

Daniel is in charge of teacher training at IH Quito and as well as helping to administrate the CELTA course he is also developing new teacher training opportunities for teachers in Ecuador. Daniel is highly valued by Trainees who study with him as they receive a very clear instruction. Trainees on Daniel´s courses always achieve very high grades and he has demonstrated that he really cares about the Trainee experience at IH Montañita. He will be with you all the way as you complete the five week course at IH Montañita.

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