I chose to do my CELTA course at Casa Casique because it was one of the few training centres that offer on-site accommodation. All meals were provided throughout the 5 weeks and these were of a very high quality. This course can be quite intense and a little overwhelming at times, and living on-site removes the need to worry about commuting and cooking. You are able to focus solely on your studies. The other trainees were fantastic! Because we were all going through the same things, we were able to provide support and assistance to each other. I formed many great friendships with the people from my course.

The trainers at Casa Casique are great! The support they provided us was of the very highest standard. As a result all trainees were able to achieve their best possible results. The other staff were also wonderful - no reasonable request was denied, and my stay was made all the more pleasant because of this.

Before attending this course I had spoken to a previous trainee who told me what to expect with regards to the accommodation. So I had high expectations before my arrival. I was not disappointed. The cabaƱas were private and comfortable. Each room has a double bed, work space and private bathroom. Also on site is a large pool - this was great for relaxing and cooling off on hot days and nights.

During the last week of the course, many job offers came in for work all over Ecuador. Half the participants accepted positions in various locations. The others either continued traveling or found work in other countries.

There were so many positive aspects to doing this course at Casa Casique that I would highly recommend it to anyone considering obtaining their CELTA.